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About the Photographer

Welcome to my online gallery. I invite you to go fix a hot cup of java, sit back in your favorite spot and enjoy browsing my collection of online photographs.

Pinpointing exactly when my passion for photography began is difficult. I do recall having a camera in my hand often as a child and even more so through my teens. A slow collection of photography equipment began to take shape 20 or so years ago and I began to take my work seriously as an artist about 10 years ago.

My wife laughs at me and says that I must be truly passionate about this work because I am not a naturally patient person and I am also very people oriented and thrive on interaction with others. Hiking alone through the woods for hours to capture the perfect sunrise does not allow for an impatient attitude or for much conversation and interaction with others! And yet I LOVE this! But it does allow me time alone with the Creator and a time to reflect on the works of His hands! This is what I do! This is who I am! This is my passion; exploring the outdoors, observing the beauty of creation and discovering new scenes in hopes of inspiring others to take time to notice the breathtaking beauty that surrounds them.

So often work, life, and/or finances do not allow people the time or opportunity to travel and see different places. My Goal is to be able to ‘transport’ you to the locations I shoot and allow you to truly feel as if you are there as you view any given image. In doing so, they become your special places: Your places of solitude, your places of reflection, your places of peace to relax, unwind, and recharge.

My heartfelt prayer is to challenge you to view Creation in a fresh way. To intake a breath of fresh air to revive your soul as you enter into the image and experience colors, light and images that scream of Our Creator.
Won’t you come on this journey with me? Join me as we experience Our Creator through His Creation and seek His purpose for our lives while bringing Him Glory.

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”