2021 in Retrospect

January 2022
Pumpkin Spice

Last morning out on the water did not disappoint. Some very nice colors were still around, though I had to spend a little more time searching.

It doesn't take a genius to know and understand that 2020 & 2021 have been difficult years for different reasons. At the very least, Covid has really thrown almost everything into complete chaos; from travel restrictions, to lockdowns, to supply chain shortages that affect almost everything we as consumers purchase, to many health challenges for friends and family members. As a business owner, I have never known times like this as it relates to business. As a photographer, travel was in the beginning, nonexistent, and now that people have been locked down and restricted for sometime, people have gotten cabin fever. I don't know if anyone can quite put their finger on the cause (multiple causes) of all of this craziness, but I certainly hope this is not the new normal.

My travels in the last 2 years have been limited unfortunately, and not necessarily for reasons related to Covid. It has been a difficult season for my family making travel at times almost impossible. I am thankful to say that now, things are much better and hopefully 2022 will be filled with more photographic adventures. I purchased a tear drop camper that should make for some interesting trips and allow me to have a comfortable base camp from which to do day trips. But I still enjoy backpacking and getting to places not easily accessible for most people without a lot of planning and physical effort.

I hope to have new images soon from places with a day's drive very soon. Already looking at some Coastal trips to South Carolina and Georgia, and hope to get down to Florida to explore some new places as well.

Also as a sidetone, I have 7 new images in the Gallery that will be ready for sale next week. Also have some prints from the Gulf Coast of Florida and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Those should be arriving in 4 to 6 weeks. Here are some new photos from our last few trips:


This is the most popular spot in Zion, and with good reason. But as beautiful as a spot that it is, I just don't like the lack of freedom to move around without feeling that I might be in someone else's frame. And people just don't have patience for one another any longer. Still a must see if you have never been here, but there are many more beautiful spots around the park that are not near as busy.


My favorite scenes at sunrise and sunset almost always contain clouds in the sky. But many times in the mountains just before the sun peaks above the horizon, the sky turns this beautiful magenta color for a very short time. It does help with the cloudless sky, but I would say I still prefer some clouds that hold some color, texture, and depth.


Moose Falls is a nice little spot just outside of the Tetons with a short walk from the parking area. I have photographed here several times before, but never made it early enough before the sun completely washed out the falls and surrounding rocks. This morning we made it early enough and has some nice beams of light from the mist rising from the water.


Incoming tropical storm at Pensacola Pier.

Please contact me via the website with any questions or inquiries. And don't forget, I also offer custom framing for all of my print work. Have a great Weekend and Safe Travels