Fine Art Prints

I am pleased to offer high quality prints of the images in my photo gallery. Prints are available in a variety of sizes ,and if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact me and we can see if we can accommodate your specific needs.. Ordering from my site is completely secure and I offer a 100% money back guarantee. To order prints, visit the gallery and view the images. The print sizes offered and pricing is located below each image. Some of the Products I offer are as follows:

Plexi Plaq: PlexiPlaqs offer limitless options for artwork presentation and customization. Artwork is mounted to the back of high-grade acrylic giving it an unbeatably crystal-clear, three dimensional feel as the picture is seen thru the acrylic. It is both UV-protected and scratch-resistant giving acrylic artwork a look that is as durable as it is unique. A 0.125” black, acid-free board is provided on the back of Standard PlexiPlaqs to fully encase and protect face mounted artwork. A variety of options can be selected to accent the mounted artwork; the edge can be finished with a frosted beveled edge or colored beveled edge. Additionally, the edge can be straight cut for framing or signage applications.
To accentuate the dimensionality of artwork, a cleat hanging system is applied to the backside of the PlexiPlaqs for mounting.

Standard Plaq: Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, StandardPlaqs create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. Various edge color options provide the opportunity to compliment and personalize a plaque-mounted picture. A multitude of surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork meanwhile maintaining UV protection and moisture resistance. To display a StandardPlaq, simply use the provided screw and keyhole(s) on the back. With small pictures, an easel system is added to the back to allow the DuraPlaq to freely stand and be displayed on a desk, shelf or mantle. Small StandardPlaqs are becoming a popular choice for customers to display children’s artwork or personal pictures without the bulk and cost of a picture frame.

The DuraPlaq is a completely finished product with a coated, black, moisture-resistant finish on the back to ensure art is fully protected and maintains a clean, high-quality appearance from front to back.
Material: Recycled, eco-friendly wood coated with acid-free, UV protection, and a moisture resistant barrier.

Surface Finish Options: Velvet (Standard), Matte, Semi-Matte, and Satin Hanging System: Keyhole with screw(s) is standard. An easel system is added to any StandardPlaq less than ten inches. Wire hanger can be incorporated if requested.

Edge: Beveled with any color.

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Forest Fire

I took this back in the Fall with my two sons (Levi & Lander) on a trip to the Smokies.  The trees were absolutely gorgeous this overcast day allowing for them to really show their true colors. Photo © copyright by Kevin Reaves.

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